Friday, October 1, 2004

Sagada Adventures

are we there yet? 

myself at Sumaguing Cave

We left on a Friday night to catch the Manila-Banaue autobus (+63 2 736-2831, 735-8096, fare at that time is 342.00). The travel time to Banaue took longer than we expected because the bus we were in suffered from overheat condition. We arrived in Banaue in the late morning of Saturday. There were no more jeepneys that would take us to Bontoc when we got to Banaue 
 (those jeepneys are only available at specific times and our bus arrived way too late *sigh*). So we just rented a van that would take us to Bontoc (2 1/2 hours).

Before we headed to Bontoc, our driver took us to some view sites for the rice terraces in Banaue and he also dropped us off to a restaurant in Banaue so we could have our lunch. Once again we encountered some problems because we had a flat tire (how lucky can we get? :p). The driver is supposed to take us until Sagada but because we had a flat tire he doesn't want to risk going to Sagada because he no longer have a spare tire in case we had another flat tire. What we did was, when we arrived at Bontoc, we took a
jeepney that would take us to Sagada (45 min.-1hr, fare at that time is 30.00).

Sagada atlast! 
The first thing we did when we arrived at Sagada was to check-in at St.Joseph's Inn. We just rested for a little bit and then we went to the municipal hall to register. We also bought some maps. Then we proceeded with our tour. These are: St. Mary's, Hanging Coffin, Echo valley (yes, we shouted to test the echo, lol).

The next day we hired a guide for our caving tour (guides for caving is a must). We went to Sumaguing cave first then at Lumiang cave. After caving we had our lunch at Yoghurt house (i like their yoghurt, it's different from what i'm used to). We went to some other sights after lunch (Sagada weaver, Bokong falls, Masferre, Cross of Calvary). We also went back to the hanging coffins and then I went back to St. Mary's to take more photos. It was a very tiring day.

Bye sagada 
we had to catch the 5am Lizardo bus (fare at that time is 180.00) to Baguio, so we woke up very early. I have never been so afraid of the 
"bangin" (cliffs) in my whole life. Try riding a Lizardo bus - Sagada-Baguio route, and you'll know what i mean. I thought I am going to meet my creator that day. When we reached Baguio we just ate our lunch and off we went to take the Victory Liner station (+63 2 833-0219 to 20) for our trip back to Manila.

Sagada, is one experience i would never forget.

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