Thursday, October 30, 2014

quotable quotes from friends/loved ones

i want to remember these forever!

here are just some of the things that my friends told me that either entertained me to no end or have helped me in one way or the other....

in no chronological order & some may not be verbatim..

"rule 1 sa pag-aaral mag-drive. matuto kang magmura. maraming gago sa kalye magandang outlet yun para wag kang mabaliw"  - luther laya 1998 (notes: he said this while he was teaching me & 2 other friends how to drive)

"you won't know if you don't try" - chona kiguchi 1998 (notes: this was forever etched on my brain because i like what she said. side note: she told me this while walking towards Provident building during our COBOL scholarship training)

"ang sasakyan parang girlfriend yan, kelangan may funds ka rin. kaya ako may separate bank account na nilalagyan ko ng pera para pambayad sa maintenance" - carl vincent 2002 (notes: i do have a separate bank acct for my car. i put money there every payday & it really helped me a lot on unexpected car repairs)

"yung mga gumawa ng masama sa yo, hayaan mo na sila...isipin mo na lang ngayon masaya ka na" - kuya jerry agonoy 2011 (RIP) (notes: i try to remember this whenever i remember those people who had done me harm)

"people spend their money differently. so don't be surprised if they have money for expensive travels but not for a simple dinner" - hubs 2011 (notes: this gave me a different perspective on money & spending)

"i have spent money on travelling. in fact, i wish i have spent more" - bill n. (father-in-law)