Saturday, February 1, 2014

Alternate Universe

Naisip ko lang. Where would I be kung hindi nag-propose si hubby at the right time.

I was actually planning to go back to the Philippines until I found out something.  Then I thought of moving to another state like Chicago or some other state more interesting like Utah.

Initially naga-apply ako for New Zealand. Filled up na nga online application ko eh, magbabayad na lang. Dati ko pa yun gusto. College pa ako. Pero I kept holding it off because I was waiting for something to happen. Naisip ko rin mag-Singapore, since a lot of my college friends are there. I had a few job offers, pero ewan ko ba, I just couldn't bring myself to go there. Then a U.S. opportunity came along and since going to the U.S. is more difficult to attain than going to Singapore, I chose to go to the U.S.

After some years here in the U.S I also wanted to try to work in the UK. Dahil yun lang yung English speaking European country na hindi naman ako mamamatay sa sobrang lamig. Kaso kasi ang hirap mag-apply dun. Ang hirap makakuha ng company na magii-sponsor ng work permit.

There's also Australia. Nai-imagine ko sarili kong naglalakad in the streets of Melbourne to get my cup of coffee or hot choco or just because I can walk from my apartment to work.

Hindi naman sa nagsisisi ako at hindi ko na magagawa yun. Pero tulad ng sabi ni hubby, I'm a professional vagabond. Hindi lang talaga mapakali pwet ko. Gusto ko lang kasi mag-explore lagi. I like the smell of new places. New sights, sounds, tastes gives me a certain kind of high. Parang the same high I get when running but multiply it by 100.

Actually, may pag-asa pa naman ako to live in a different country. Yun ay kung hindi kami magka-baby. Mahirap kasi maglipat kapag may baby na syempre.

Pero for now, kuntento muna ako sa pag travel. We still have so many places to visit in our list. Machu Picchu. Panama Canal. Canadian Rockies. Alaska. Wall of China. Siam Reap. Batanes. Amanpulo. Kyoto and Dubai, just to name a few. Ofcourse New Zealand and Australia too.

For now. I'll stay put. I'm still enjoying America. There are still so many places I need to see here too. Yellow Stone. Yosemite. The Wave. Bryce Canyon. San Diego. Montana. North Dakota. Dami-dami pa.

I'll stay put. We'll stay put.

For now.