Thursday, September 25, 2014

on runner's high

so why do i run?

the first time i attempted to run was when i started going to the gym (year 2003) but it wasnt a hard core not saying i'm a hard core runner now because im not, but let me finish..... i only run for about 2 (or 3 when im feeling inspired) times around a parking lot near the gym where i go to.... that's probably around .6 miles total.... yep, not even a mile...that's how pathetic i was.... the other running that i do is around the tennis court once or twice for warm-up before i play tennis.... and then i stopped running altogether.... its not that i hate it, it's just that i'm too lazy.... 

i have picked up running again when i moved here in the US in 2007..... it was my de-stresser when i was feeling depressed about my situation..... that was during the first 3 months of my arrival here in the US...... 

my nikeplus profile
been tracking my run thru nikeplus since 2011, so the numbers here a kinda pathetic, lol..
but hey, better than being a couch potato right?
it started when

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I wanna be a Swiss Miss... in Switzerland that is

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This is long over due and I finally got the inspiration to write about our Switzerland trip after rummaging through old digital photos.

Day 1.

Actually, we got there early evening but technically, it's still day 1.

I was in Switzerland with the hubby (then boyfriend) on December 2010. It is part of the itinerary of the group tour we booked from Cosmos. We were expecting Switzerland to be really cold (colder than the previous European countries we've visited that week) since it is December but we were surprised that it was actually a bit warmer which was really odd. The hubby was even making a joke about it that we were frozen cold in London but we thawed in Switzerland (it should be the other way around).

i'm in the land of toblerones!
can i take this home, please?!

We arrived in Lucerne around early evening and our first stop over was a store that sells Swiss watches and Swiss army knives. Ofcourse I have to get one, well ok, three, of those Swiss Army Knives, I'm a huge fan! I had one before,  that I bought during my first trip in the U.S. but I lost it. What better way to buy your Swiss knife than from the source! The hubby bought me a Swiss watch,  which I still wear til now on special occasions or if my wardrobe warrants that style of watch.

view from the restaurant