Monday, June 17, 2013

Flee from Bad Aura

There are people, and this could be an acquaintance, a family member, your exes or your neighbor, that no matter how nice you try to treat them they will always have something bad to say about you behind your back.

Ignore them.

They're bitter and unhappy and jealous and they want to drag you along with their misery. Stay away from them. They're not worth wasting your time nor energy with.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Boudoir Photoshoot, anyone? (it's the best hubby gift)

i was having second thoughts to do this at first but after much thought i figured what the heck. i won't be naked anyway. and i really want to give the hubby a special and unique first wedding anniversary present.

and i’m so proud of how it turned out and i’m really glad i did it.

one, because i know how hard it is to lose weight, so this is a reward for myself, lol. plus i want to have something to look back to when i'm old, wrinkly and fat, a proof that i was hot once, haha. (vain alert, hee hee).

two, because i won’t be young forever and not getting any younger either, plus once i give birth i might not have the same body again.

click to see all 6 of the photos

and three, because my husband love the boudoir photo album so much! he specially liked the photos where i was wearing angel wings (but can’t show it here because it’s a victoria secret kinda shot, if you know what i mean, lol). he loved it so much that he wants me to flaunt it to my married girlfriends so they'll get inspired to do the same for their hubbies.

if you’re married, i recommend doing this while you still can, you owe it to yourself and it boosts self confidence…, i can't iterate this enough, your husband will love it! i swear! just look for a good photographer who knows how to pose you and hide the “unwanted” areas... i have a lot of unwanted areas and my photographer helped me hide them by doing certain poses and her finding the right angle...

(photos taken on april 21, 2013)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Pinas 2013 Itinerary

Below is a quick view of our itinerary. The dates I have highlighted are actual tours and that goes to show you that you can do a lot of things even if you're just staying in the Philippines for a week.

Day 0       
Day 1
Day 2
(barong fitting), went to Mall of Asia, tried out local food
Day 3
 (meeting with wedding suppliers), tried Dampa and
did mall-hopping
Day 4
(canonical interview), Tried Kamayan/Dads
Day 5
(hmua trial/prenuptial photo/video shoot)
Day 6
(changed hotel), tried cheap foot spa at Ayala MRT station
Day 71/18Segway Tour in Intramuros, Manila
Day 8
Day 91/20Villa Escudero (overnight)
Day 101/21Tagaytay (day trip)
Day 11
Corregidor (day trip)
Day 121/23El Nido
Day 131/24El Nido
Day 141/25El Nido
Day 151/26El Nido
Day 16
Manila (Resorts World, Greenhills pasalubong shopping)
Day 17

I still haven't finish blogging about our Philippines trip. I'm actually still working on it. So far I'm just missing the Corregidor and El Nido part. El Nido was the highlight of our Philippines trip, both for the hubby and i and our foreign guests.

So again here is:
 part 1 - Unang Hataw
 part 2 - Villa Escudero
 part 3 - Tagaytay
 part 4 - Corregidor & El Nido (to follow)