Thursday, February 9, 2006

Holy cow, Macau

Macau for a $1? Holy cow, Macau! 

When I travel I don't just go to a place just to visit the tourist spots or just to capture everything that caught my eye on camera (although it's one of my agenda). It isn't just to admire the place or to collect foreign coins or ref magnets. It's experiencing the culture, rubbing elbows with the locals, getting lost and finding your way AND! most importantly, tasting the food! 

macau tower at night

Macanese food is characterized by the spiciness of Portuguese cuisine, the dominant use of paprika, curry powder and the like. Quite an interesting combination. A combination of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine. Uh-huh, East meets West. Here were some of the food I tried while in Macau.


Oh, did you know that I got my round trip airfare to Macau for $1? Yep, you read it right and no, i'm not pulling your leg. It's $.50 one way via Tiger Airways. Although after tax and hidden fees it actually cost me $54. That doesn't include the Philippine travel tax and terminal fee and my bus fare to Clark airport, but still, not bad, heh? I spent more than that the last time I went to Cebu. Then I spent 80hkd/night for a
mix dorm-type room. Food is from 20-30hkd, bus fare is from 2.50mop to 5mop, depending on the distance. For more tips visit my travel website at (shameless plug ). Or go to and look for member: sweet_sentiments.