Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Spool DIY WYB (Paris themed)

In my previous blog, I showed my beach themed, message in a bottle DIY WYB . I used that for our civil beach wedding female entourage WYB. Here's another one I made for my other set of female entourage.

Because our church wedding theme in the Philippines is about travelling and because we are adding some Parisian elements to it I figured I should do a WYB that's kinda dramatic. And that inspired this project (click photo above for better view).

Our church wedding's motif in the Philippines, by the way, is peach and yellow that's why there's a peach tiny flower and yellow ribbon around that WYB and ofcourse I have the Eiffel Tower charms (bought it from, look for happysupplies).

Now, I am going to share how I did this. First, the materials you need.

1. Vintage spool.
2. Paris rubber stamp (you can get one from amazon).
3. Yellow ribbon (or any other ribbon color of your choice).
4. Lace that's 1/2 inch wide. I used up just less than a yard for my 7 spools.
5. Tiny flowers of your choice.
6. Eiffel tower charms.
7. Black and red stamp pad (or any color you want).
8. Cream colored fabric (or any other fabric you want as long as it's plain).
9. Alphabet rubber stamps
10. Needle and thread.
11. Fabric glue.

 Now for the steps.

1. Remove the stickers on the spool. Dab it with wet cloth if there are still some difficult to remove residue left.
2. Let the spool dry then bring out your Paris rubber stamp and stamp both sides of the spool base.
3. Measure the width of the body of the spool and cut your fabric accordingly.  How long your fabric would be would depend on how long the name of the recipient is or how big or small the alphabet rubber stamp you have. I would advise you to do at least one mock-up spool WYB before you start this project in full throttle.
4. Stamp one side of your fabric using your Paris rubber stamp.

5. Then flip the fabric and start stamping that other side with the name of your recipient and the role you want him/her in.
6. Glue the end of the fabric on the spool. Make sure the part you glue in is the end of the sentence/question part. I just think it's logical if your recipient sees his/her name first while she unscrolls the spool.
7. Then measure the circumference of the spool and cut your lace accordingly. You would need 2 of that lace per spool. One for the top and another for the bottom.
8. Sew the lace in.
9. Hook your charm on the ribbon of your choice then wrap the ribbon around the spool and tie it on the spool securely.
10. Insert the tiny flower.
11. That's it your done! It's up to you how you want to package this. What I did is I bought those cheap organza cream pouch, put the spool in.

As for the shipping part (in my case my entourage are in the Philippines but I am in the U.S) I got myself a bubble wrap lined enveloped and placed the organza pouch with the spool inside.

Here's my finished product.

And here is where I got that inspiration (i love!):