Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015!

2015 is just around the corner. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done for 2014. For enduring all the hurdles of 2014 and for sharing happiness to other people.
This 2015 we are all another year wiser and it's time to let go of people who know nothing but give us stress and bad vibes. It's not worth keeping them around. It's time to stand up for yourself and say, enough is enough!

You deserve better friends. You deserve to be surrounded with better people. I know it's easier just to be nice and to try to get along with the sandpapers of your life but life is too short and precious to spend it around people who are pain in the butt. You deserve to be treated right, you deserve to be stress-free. LET THEM GO!

For those who had a bad 2014, it gets better, it really does. So throw away those negative thoughts and let's face the new year with optimism. After all, mind over matter is true. It's a matter of perspective. Only the happy people win so let's all strive to be one.

For those who had a very good 2014 there are more good things to come!