Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Car Payment Done!

This might sound shallow but this is a biggie for me because I don't like loans.

When I moved here in the U.S. I didn't decide to get a car right away. My first job was in center city Philadelphia. I used to live in Plainsboro, NJ but the commute is just too exhausting. 2 hours one way. So I decided to find an apartment in PA. Problem is, the cost of apartments in the city are up the roof so I went to look for apartments out in the suburbs instead but strategically chose an apartment that is close to a bus station or train station so it would make my public commute easier. I also made sure that my apartment is walking distance to a supermarket. I ended up getting an apartment in Northeast Philadelphia (Korman Communities). I have to take a bus and a train (blue line) to get to work but I'm fine with that. I'm just glad that I am walking distance to the bus stop, a shopping mall, a supermarket, a taco bell and a burger king, hah! So yeah, I don't see a need for a car.

Then I found a new job. A permanent, full time job outside the "city" (where I met the hubby). I tried to do public transportation for a few weeks but it took me almost 2 hours to get to work. If I have a car, it will just take me 30 minutes. Still, I didn't buy a car. I'm just too cheap and scared to drive (people here drive fast! <- my lame excuse). What I did instead is to move to a new apartment that will make my travel time shorter and found this cute apartment at Towers of Wyncote, located at, guess where, in the city of  Wyncote (still suburbs though).

my current ride since 2010
RAV 4 2005

Friday, May 8, 2015

2nd trimester

yeah. i'm pregnant. found out about it since i was in singapore (feb 16). we were keeping it quiet and was just telling it to a few friends and on as needed basis (ie: bosses, pilates teacher, etc) because i'm high risk and wasn't sure how long i will be pregnant. but since i'm in my 2nd trimester now, maybe i can start talking about it?

at ku-de-ta resto at marina bay sands singapore
- the day we found out i'm pregnant


i decided to officially mark my week every friday (based on baby size) instead of wednesday (based on LMP-last menstrual period).

so every friday, since my doctor's appointment is very far apart (every 4 weeks), i treat myself with listening to the baby's heartbeat. like i did this morning. 

i sometimes have the urge to listen everyday but i feel like i'm annoying the baby with the sound from the doppler or with the doppler poking him so i figured once a week should be enough. it's enough for me to know that he's still alive and kicking (literally! he kicks the doppler sometimes).

as usual, he's such a wiggly worm. he moves around a lot. i can only hear his heartbeat for a few seconds then it disappears only to find him in a different spot. can you tell it's a boy? lol

 while using a home fetal doppler

update: i stopped using my home doppler since i started feeling the kicks.

on another news, i'm feeling normal and it scares me sometimes. being the paranoid FTM (first time mom) that i am, i'm always perpetually scared of missed miscarriage where you don't have cramps and bleeding but the baby's heart just stops beating and you won't know about it until your next doctor's appointment. but! they did say 2nd trimester is the honeymoon of pregnancy so i should enjoy this while it lasts because come 3rd trimester, i know would be miserable again.

the other nice thing about 2nd trimester is i have my energy back and my OCD side is back in full gear cleaning and organizing the house most of the time, if i'm not busy eating, lol. 

oh and yes! my appetite is back. i still can't stand looking at huge slab of beef but with a whole piece of chicken i'm fine. i've been having some hankering on cheetos and would indulge but i try not to overeat because i'm watching my weight. according to, i should gain 1lb per week and that's what i've been obsessively watching. oh, and i've been eating a lot of watermelons too.

what i'm looking forward to is to feel the baby move. i think about it so much that  i've been dreaming about it lately. i am feeling some movements but i wasn't sure if it's just gas or muscle spasm, but they did say that you might start feeling the baby move on the 16th week so i'll keep an eye (err, hand?)  on that.

2 more weeks and i can see the baby again! i'm actually internally debating if i should move my ultrasound to my 20th, the magic number when every pregnant women does their anatomy scan but my OB says 18th week is fine. my OB also said i still have the option to move it on my 20th week if i want to know the gender but i already know the gender (since week 12). so i might just keep my 18-week ultrasound schedule and just book a 3d/4d ultrasound at week 24 at this place i discovered. i do want to see that tiny thing in the middle of his legs that makes him a boy (i just thought it would be cute to see), so hopefully at my 18th week i get to see that still.

schedule is : 5/21

now for some 2nd trimester preggy pic.