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Our Favorite Baby Items

Just a list of items that we (hubby, lil one and I) love.

My LO (lil one) had been very gassy and spits a lot until he turned 3 months.  I have tried all the anti-colic bottles (he's not colicky just really gassy) and the one that worked better for us is Dr. Brown. It never leaks and of all the other bottles we tried, that's the only bottle that gives our baby less spit-ups. If yours does leak, see this link.
Update: We also have the green ones (called Options). With the green ones you can remove the tube thing in the middle if you don't need it anymore. It's a good concept but we found out that if we did remove the tube thing the nipple keeps collapsing so we ended up still using the tube in the middle. So for us the blue or green doesn't make a difference.

Baby Monitor (non-wifi):
We love the Infant Optics  We love it so much that we even bought an add on camera. So now we have one for the nursery and one for the living room (nanny set-up). We also bought the wide-angled lens (and we highly recommend you do). What we do wish is that they display the time on the monitor.


We used the Swaddle Me Pod from 0-4 weeks

then we switched to Swaddle Me  from 5 to 10 weeks

Halo Wearable Sleepsack

photo from Amazon. not my baby

Then we switched to halo to let his arms free when he started attempting to roll over. He's using Large currently at 13 months.

a friend of mine who is pregnant around the same time as i am mentioned to me a book called "Happiest Baby on the Block"....she also showed me a youtube video of the author himself in action... i was amazed at the video and when i saw this shusher at Babies R Us i immediately bought it.
This did help the lil one fall asleep but it's charm only lasted until around 5 months for my lil one.

It's always a good idea to have a humidifier at home. I personally like having one specially during winter time otherwise I end up with a very dry tongue, throat and nose when I wake up in the morning. I have an existing one already but it spews out warm mist. Pediatrician says cool mist is better. We got the Remedies. You just have to be careful where you put this because it easily can get knock over and it's no fun to dry off a flooded floor.

Humidifiers were suggested by our Pediatrician so we could "condition" the air and help with our baby's snorting and congestion.

Crib Mobile
Fisher Price Smart Connect Mobile
We already have a mobile and my baby loves it, he's mesmerized by it but it's the mechanical type so I had to run upstairs and wind up the mobile every 15 minutes and I hated that. Then I discovered this and I thought it's pretty cool. It has an app that you can download on your iphone (not sure about android phones) and you can set the mobile timer and movement to up to 40 minutes  and up to 1 hour for the music.
It also has a projector and you have an option to remove the mobile and just let the projector run. Otherwise projector images just bounces off of the mobile itself.

our LO's crib set-up

I can't find the one I got from our local Babies R Us online but i believe they have other themes. I like what we got though. It matches our safari theme. The lil one loves this so much that this is the first thing he turns on when he wakes up in the morning. Yes, it has physical buttons.


Nursing Pillow.
We love love love My Brestfriend. I sincerely believe it makes breastfeeding and bottle feeding easy. I don't have to strain my arms carrying the baby and keeping him in place while breastfeeding. Hubby uses it to bottle feed the baby. He has a long torso, so it's easy to just adjust the height of the pillow so he can easily bottle feed our baby. We cannot live without this!

Update: Lil one is now 13 months and we still use this. Instead of making him sit on our lap we wear this so he have a flatter and more cushioned surface to sit on. Our nanny also use this to rock him to sleep during nap times. LO had long ago outgrown this pillow but we can still have his back and butt rest on this while his head is lying on one arm (our arm not his) and there's another pillow supporting his legs or sometimes we just let his legs dangle.

Pregnancy Pillow
Love this! I wouldn't have survived my pregnancy and will never have a good sleep if it wasn't for this.


The lil one has different variations of this oball toys. He loves that rattle (see pic) when he was 2 months until around 6 months. He likes the bigger version of that rattle now and the shaker.
I guess the charm of this is that it's easy for him to grip and ofcourse the noise it makes. Just get ready to play fetch though because our lil man also love throwing this from his crib and would cry for us to pick it back up and to give it to him only to throw it out again.

Vtech Learning Cube

Another favorite toy. I gave him this toy as a Christmas gift (he was just 3 months old at that time). He loves it and still loves it to this day (he's already 13 months).


I asked the hubby to research for a good exersaucer. Exersaucer (or jumperoos) are kinda controversial because there were some concerns about spinal injury. It was for this reason that hubby bought this one. It has a trampoline-like base so even if you're lil one hit on it hard it won't cause injury on his spine because he's not falling on a hard floor. It also has 3 height adjustments.
He still plays with this at 13 months, but mostly he would just stand on the outside. Once in a while we put him inside to contain him if we need to do some quick chore and we don't want him running all over the place (he's walking running already).

Activity Table

Ours doesn't exactly look like that but similar and also from LeapFrog. We got ours as a hand-me-down from a friend and boy does he loves this. He started playing with this at 8 months when he was able to stand (assisted) and still loves it to this day (13 months). Some would advise against it because it's bulky but I really like how there are a lot of songs and how it teaches colors and alphabets and cause and effect. My son loves that spinning thing on the left and flipping the fake book and all the other parts that he can push or pull.
Here's a video of LO still playing this at 12 months.

Other Toys.

Empty water bottle. Paper Towel. Plastic baking Items. Pans and pots with cover. Spatula.
Empty colorful tissue box. Pool noodle (cut in shorter pieces).
Sometimes he would ignore all his other toys to play with these regular home items. They  make for good distractions too during diaper change (he hates diaper changes).

Baby Carriers:
Infantino Fushion

This was my first baby carrier ever and I got so really attached to it. I like it because it was well-made and cheap!
I was using this since LO was 1.5 months. No need for insert and you can do front carry with baby facing forward (but I didn't do front carry-face forward until he has good neck control, which is around 3 months).

Ergo 360 mesh

I had to switch to Ergo 360 mesh (mesh so it's breathable) when he started getting marks from the Infantino. I had to switch even if he's still ok to use the Infantino weight-wise. I chose 360 because the lil one likes forward facing in a baby carrier and Ergo 360 allows that.


Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip

We started with this one. We're lucky to get this from our BabyShower.
We were initially thinking of getting the convertible so we didn't have to buy a car seat until maybe when he's 4 or something. But you can't beat the convenience of this specially if the baby can't seat on a high chair yet when you're at restaurants. So what we do is we bring the car seat with us (excluding the base ofcourse) at a restaurant and put the car seat right next to me on a chair.
This car seat is highly rated by Consumer Reports and Amazon, the other reason we bought this.
We also bought the Liteway Plus stroller to go with this. Although we very seldom use stroller because we use baby carriers a lot.
Zip is a feature where you can easily unzip the cover and toss it in the washing machine and zip it back in place.

NextFit Zip Air - Convertible

We love our Chicco and based on our research, this is another highly recommended convertible seat. We had to change our car seat because the lil one has outgrown the first one and he's head is almost near the edge of the top part of the car seat which is making me really uncomfortable. Height limit is 30in and he's at 29in when we decided it's time to switch (he's 31in. as of last Oct).
Why Zip? Our Keyfit is also Zip and we love how easy we can remove the fabric part and toss it in the washing machine. Very helpful specially since we will have this car seat longer than the KeyFit.
The Air part is the mesh part

Portable Highchair
When we went to Quebec, Canada we brought this with us and boy, do we love this!
Some restaurants don't have high chair, and sometimes they do but it doesn't restrain our wiggly lil boy and this really helped us.

LO in Old Montreal
You can just put it on any regular chair. Snap, tie and done.

We used this during our long drive to Canada. Since the lil one is rear facing it takes a while til the heater warms him up and this helped in directing the heat. Can also be used during summer time to direct the A/C.

photo from Amazon

Clevamama Splash and Wrap Baby Towel

from Amazon photo
I love this specially when the lil one was just around 2 months old. You just put this around your neck (there's a snap on towel to do this), lift the baby towards you, wrap him with this towel and put the head part on him, voila! no struggling with the towel and no wet front clothes for mommy!

Knee Pad.
photo from Amazon
I saw this from a friend of mine's lil one. We have a hardwood floor and I, myself hurts my knees kneeling on it. This is a good protection for your lil crawlers. My lil one is now walking but I still put this on him because he still falls and he sometimes uses his knees to prop himself back up and he would kneel on the floor to look for a lost toy from under the furniture/s.

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